These Are The Reasons All Businesses Should Have PIP Flooring For Playgrounds

Poured-in-place rubber installation or PIP flooring solutions are perfect for churches, schools, daycare facilities, and more. If you have an outdoor recreation center, you will want to make sure that kids are well-protected. Also, you will want to protect yourself from any potential injuries. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, falls are very common playground hazard and the installation as well as the maintenance of protective unitary surfacing under and around all equipment is crucial to protect children.

At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we are delighted to be recognized as the top commercial playground contractor in the region. That’s why we’re excited to share some of the amazing benefits of safety PIP unitary surfacing material for playground flooring. To start, these safety flooring systems are incredibly easy to clean. In fact, there’s actually very little maintenance that you need to do at all. Apart from occasionally hosing them down, these surfaces won’t require much attention from you.

They are also far less likely to harbor the germs and other hazards like sand and mulch. Problems like ringworm, animal waste, dropped litter, and more aren’t an issue with smooth rubber surfaces. They’re far cleaner, safer, and easier to keep up with than any other playground flooring type. Unlike commonly used wood fibers, they are also less likely to attract pests like termites, rodents, and spiders.

You can get a customized unitary surface flooring solution for your facility that comply with safety guidelines. We can render these flooring systems in multiple colors and can include branding elements if needed. We offer the perfect blend of aesthetics, durability, functionality, performance, and safety.

These PIP rubber unitary surfaces are shock-absorbing and critical height ratings can be found on our website and tests are available, too. Accidental falls don’t have to turn into major injuries when using PIP rubber flooring under and around play equipment. Moreover, you can rest assured that you have done your due diligence and fulfilled your duty of care as a property owner and service provider when you partner with an IPEMA certified contractor.

Are you currently looking for a PIP unitary surface flooring system for your playground at your place of business? If you are, we’ve got you covered. Pro-Techs Surfacing is an IPEMA certified contractor and the most reliable provider in the industry. We maintain highly competitive prices, a friendly and qualified team, and solid standard five-year guarantee. Call us at 330-576-6058 for a quote!

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