Things To Remember When Working With A Commercial Playground Builder

At Pro-Techs Surfacing, LLC, we’re committed to designing play areas that enhance properties, fill kids with joy, and offer optimum levels of safety. After all, even though you want your youngsters to enjoy themselves outdoors, you also must take diligent steps to protect yourself against premises liability claims. When working with a commercial playground builder, you always ensure that you’re fulfilling your duty of care. This means taking steps to limit and mitigate hazards, and implementing sound, age-appropriate designs. Following are three things to remember when tackling projects like these.

Property owners commonly overlook the way in which certain design elements can make their facilities more likely to suffer problems with pest infestations and other similar challenges. For instance, you may be interested in surrounding swings, slides, and other elevated elements with tree mulch or tanbark. These cellulose-based floor coverings are incredibly attractive to termites. Laying them outdoors in any region that’s prone to infestation is akin to inviting a problem.

Choosing to use sand is one way to cushion kids against long falls and other impact-events while playing. Unfortunately, stray cats and other feral animals in the area can start using this as their personal litter box. The result can include widespread problems with ringworm, hookworm, and many other skin and systemic infections. It’s far more sanitary to choose an option that doesn’t attract insects or animals, and one that can be easily maintained and cleaned.

Working with a rubber playground flooring contractor is always the best bet. The solutions that we provide are attractive, colorful, and durable. More importantly, they provide excellent shock absorption and ample cushioning against long falls. They will more than meet your needs in terms of fulfilling your duty of care, even as they improve outdoor aesthetics.

Your school, company or municipalities can even customize these surfaces to better represent your community or brand. This is a great way to make your church, school, daycare, gym, or other business look more professional and more appealing to discerning consumers. If you’ve been looking for a top-rated playground designer for parks and child care facilities, look no further than Pro-Techs Surfacing. We provide dynamic, end-to-end solutions that are just as functional as they are good-looking.

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