Three Ways Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing Contractors Can Help Your Business

If you intend to install a functional and exciting outdoor play area for kids, safety should be your top priority. aking sure that kids don’t harm themselves and that you’ve completely fulfilled your duty of care starts with installing quality playground flooring. At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we want to share three ways in which our poured-in-place rubber surfacing contractors can help your business.

Surprisingly, playground safety surfacing can be one of your best visual marketing tools. We offer products in a road range of colors and can provide designs graphics, too. Our systems provide a seamless blend of usability and aesthetics. They can additionally include colors that are typically associated with your business and important branding elements like your logo. Visible efforts to protect your charges can greatly enhance the marketability of your facility.

Consider EPDM which is some of the softest materials that are used for shock absorption in these applications. Many laygrounds have used fill materials like sand, grass, and mulch. Not only are these lacking in their overall protective abilities, but they are also prone to attracting pests. Sand can attract fleas, rodents, cats, and parasites of countless types. Mulch can attract those pests and lure termites closer to buildings. EPDM Rubber does not attract any of these pests not to mention odor free.

There is also the fact that our products are incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike sand, mulch, and other loose fill, here is no fear of it harboring dangerous germs, insects, odors, animals, or other items like bottles. These surfaces can be hosed off as needed throughout the year. Best of all, they will retain their integrity for quite some time. Also, we can provide a rejuvenation roll coat to revitalize any surface allowing colors to be vibrant again.

We’re adept in creating a beautiful play space choosing the right materials for your location. Our experienced nstallers can design the perfect rubber surface that is safe and clean. Although our rubber product can be installed in any climate, the initial install needs to be done in consistent above 50-degree temperatures and it will need to cure for at least 72 hours before use.

We specialize in poured-in-place rubber playground flooring installation throughout the United States. Do you need layground safety surfacing? Find out more about how we can help you protect your business and the children it serves by calling 330-576-6058 today.

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