Create The Perfect Recreation Area With Top Commercial Playground Contractors

Whether you own a church, school or daycare, everyone needs a fun, exciting, and ultimately safe place to recreate. At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we are committed to offering some of the best solutions for facilities just like yours. Here are some very important things to remember when working with the top commercial playground contractors.

In order to get lasting value from any structures or play pad areas that you install, you want to make sure that you have incorporated a diverse range of activities. For children to engage in safe play, they need to have plenty of engaging ways to use the play structures safely. WE work closely with you to ensure that your surface has the right Critical Fall Height for the equipment installed. It really is as simple as that.

You also want to make sure that there are activities for multiple age ranges and skill levels. Bars and other challenging exercise equipment should be accessible to everyone. In some instances, depending on the complete age range of the kids that you’ll be entertaining, it may be necessary to have two or more separate structures with age-appropriate features on each. This way, youth won’t quickly outgrow the amenities that you make available.

Always be sure to incorporate as many eye-catching patterns and colors as you can. Your new structure or structures can be built to match or coordinate with other aspects of your facilities including our poured in place rubber surfacing. We have many colors to choose from with 35 vivid colors, complex graphic patterns and endless custom color combination to choose from; the only thing limiting your surfacing design is imagination. Adding interesting details like a trike track can be especially important when accommodating toddlers and other early-age learners. You can talk with your provider about using specific themes to create a truly unique space if that is what you want for your location.

Above all, having a reliable way to break falls, cushion young bodies, and absorb shock is critical. Even kids who are committed to diligently following the rules can take an accidental spill or tumble. Rubber playground surfacing will limit or prevent injuries entirely. It can also keep you safe from liability issues. Get in touch with us today at Pro-Techs Surfacing to discover the ideal play pad for your play area.

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