Top Four Strategies That Experienced Rubber Playground Flooring Installers Use To Enhance Safety

Are you looking for reliable rubber playground flooring installers in the USA? Pro-Techs Surfacing has the most reliable flooring solutions in the US! Call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote! Setting up safe playgrounds remains an integral requirement in every institution that deals with kids and facilities that involve sporting activities. Sporting activities account for a substantial percentage of childhood memories in every individual. As such, children in preparatory schools and daycare centers engage in their favorite games at various parts of the day. The most important thing for the management in such institutions is to ensure the safety of the kids is guaranteed every time they are playing. The surfaces in every playfield must be constructed adhering to standards that prevent fatal injuries in case a child falls. The discussion below introduces you to various strategies rubber playground floor installers use to help you enhance safety.

Critical Height

Falls are at times inevitable when kids play with friends on any surface. However, there can be serious falls that may dampen the excitement of the kids in their games. We thus advise you to ensure the surface on every playground will guarantee safe landing to make kids enjoy playing with no injuries. Call us to install a quality rubber surface as we set appropriate fall heights for the kids whenever you need reliable safety flooring contractors near me.

Surface Traction

The traction that the surface you intend to install offers is another key aspect you ought to assess. A few surfaces may provide traction when they are dry but fail when wet. It is imperative to note this aspect when setting up outdoor playgrounds for schooling kids. Luckily, rubber flooring for schools and daycare centers will be an ideal solution as it offers excellent traction in wet and dry conditions. Our installation expertise ensures you get a surface that will minimize the risk of falls and enhance the safety of every kid.


Surfaces on the playgrounds experience extreme intense activities, foot traffic, and spills as people interact in various events. The accessible play surfaces will receive mobility aids such as travel rollers and wheelchairs as special kids converge for their favorite games. We always install quality surfaces that will withstand any amount of traffic without damage. Rubber floors offer the best quality surfacing materials that will help you set a playfield that will last for an extended period.


Our team assesses your preferred site for the field to ascertain the ease of access by all the potential users. We are familiar with all state and international standards that regulate the construction of playgrounds in various settings. Our installers ensure inclusivity in your playgrounds as they set up the floors. Rubbers give you a unique flooring material that allows access to all kids including those with special needs.

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