The Hallmarks Of Top-Rated Safety Playground Flooring Installation

Whether you own a daycare, school, or church, keeping outdoor play areas both interesting and safe is a challenge that you’re probably constantly dealing with. What kids deem as being fun often has an element of danger. With our safety playground flooring installation, you can mitigate the risks of injury and liability issues. Best of all, you can do so with ease. At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we want to share some of the benefits of working with playground rubber surface contractors like us.

As a trusted PIP rubber installer, we pride ourselves in offering flooring systems that are the perfect blend of head-turning aesthetics and reliable functioning. Our rubberized floors provide a soft, durable, and shock-absorbing barrier between children and the hard ground. These flooring systems are also incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike commonly selected organic mulch material, rubber surfaces are unlikely to attract pests. Thus, they make it easier to keep a clean, fresh, and ultimately safe environment for users of all ages.

If someone should fall off one of your play structures, you can rest assured that they’re unlikely to sustain serious harm. Our systems also ensure that property owners have fulfilled their duty of care. By working with us, provides proof that you have done all that you can and all that you are legally required to do to keep your clients and guests protected. We use materials and installation techniques that are on par with the latest regulatory requirements.

This is also an opportunity to increase the marketability of your business. We can incorporate your preferred colors and various branding elements into your design. When clients and prospective clients see the results, they’ll know that you care about your business and about the children who rely on it. Call us today at 330-576-6058 to find out more about our poured in place rubber playground flooring installation.

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