What To Expect From A Playground Surface Installer

The playground is an area where children have fun while they learn how to interact with other kids. To make the area safe for kids for years to come, it is vital to outsource the services of a playground surface installer. You can install the various surfaces on the playground to make the playing area both safe and worthwhile. This article will explore the types of surfaces we can install and what is unique about them.

We can use unitary materials of rubber granules, rubber mulch or synthetic turf. When rubber materials are bonded it becomes poured-in-place rubber. Our two layer offers superior protection and the one layer mulch option offers safety and cost effectiveness. We can also provide a mixed combination to your play space using synthetic turf, grass with a proactive under-pad to assist in protecting kids against falls. These surfacings are cheaper in the long run as they have low maintenance costs and high durability. They guarantee complete accessibility and are easy to use even for the physically challenged.

There are other types of surfacing is the loose-fill surfaces, including pea gravel, sand, wood fiber, and other bulk loose-fill materials. They are installed by hand in the playing ground site to create a level ground for kids to play. Even though the upfront cost of installing such surfaces is low and is easy to install; it will require frequent maintenance so that the playing ground can be at par with ADA and safety guidelines. We feel our products are superior to these, long lasting and over time provide the most cost benefit.

To know which type of surface is suitable for your playing needs, you must consult us. We will be able to advise you on all the aspects to consider before picking a surfacing. For instance, we let our clients know certain variables that enable them to choose a type that will meet their specific needs. Such variables include installation and material costs, long term durability, visual appearance, ongoing maintenance cost, and degree of ADA compliance and safety.

To help you choose the most cost-effective playing ground surfacing, please let us assist you in planning, hire Pro-Tech Surfacing, LLC. We also provide testing and maintenance related services. Reach out to us at 330-576-6058 to book an appointment.

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