Why Daycare Rubber Flooring Is So Popular

There are several things that you need to do to keep your clients safe as a childcare provider. Littler kids have a knack for falling, getting into areas and items that are potentially hazardous, and finding other ways to harm themselves. Our Perma Play rubber flooring is one of the best installations that your daycare can choose for the interior and exterior play spaces. With the right critical fall height options of safety rubber flooring, your preschool facilities can enjoy constant peace of mind.

Soft rubber flooring for kids is extremely shock absorbing. This means no more tears when kids lose their footing. It also limits the risk of premises liability claims by ensuring that trip and fall accidents, falling from significant heights, and slip and fall accidents do not result in serious injuries. Having these rubber surfacing floors installed with the correct depths are a quick and easy way to fulfill your duty of care as a commercial property owner and as a business owner.

Our soft rubber or turf flooring systems also have an incredibly appealing look. They are great for improving room aesthetics and curbside appeal. If you’re looking for a way to enhance the marketability of your facility, we have definitely got you covered. We even have options that include bright colors, patterns, branding elements, and other eye-catching design additions.

Safety floors work just as well outside as they do indoors. They are absolutely essential for areas that have play structures in place or where other challenging, physical activities will be performed. They offer a comfortable, reliable cushion, and they’re incredibly easy to clean.

In outdoor areas, these products are far preferable to options like rock, sand, and mulch. They don’t retain germs and they’re unlikely to expose kids to illnesses such as ringworm or other skin rashes. At property exteriors, they don’t attract pests, and they can be easily hosed down as needed. Call Pro-Techs Surfacing, LLC today at 330-576-6058 to get a hassle-free quote and to learn more about our full range of safety flooring products.

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