Why Go For Rubber Flooring For Playgrounds

The playing area should be a safe space for kids to play and learn how to relate. There are various playground surfaces in the market, but they do not beat rubber flooring for playgrounds. This is because of its multiple benefits. Technology innovation has helped us actualize an attractive, functional, and eco-friendly playing space for your kids. Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy when this flooring type is installed on your gym floor, playground, sidewalk, breezeway, play field or anywhere.

The poured-in-place rubber surface comes with an array of colors and designs. Our turf products have 4 primary colors to choose from traditional grass green, white, royal blue, vibrant red and bright yellow. Most schools would want to choose a color blend that resonate with their school mascots and colors. These flooring types offer just that as they come in various thicknesses, variations, and of course colors. We can also customize your surfacing with vivid logos or designs creating an ambiance inviting children.

The rubber absorbs sound and does not reflect it. This comes in handy for schools that reside in a residential area where most people detest noise. The sound of kids playing is usually reduced to a considerable amount. The maintenance process, on the other hand, is not as hectic as other playground surfaces. The surface usually repels dirt, all you have to do to keep them clean is routinely sweeping the area to get rid of debris. This is followed by washing the area with water and mild soap. This will disinfect it as well and no additional cleaning agents are needed.

The playing surface is durable. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, high walking or playing traffic plus extreme ground movement. They are tested and proven to last for a long time, withstanding these external factors for years to come. Their sturdiness aspect will help you to save on maintenance costs in the long run.

We offer excellent playground surfacing solutions that will meet your needs as well as a maintenance plan and an option to add a roll coat to your new project or any already completed poured in place rubber surface. Our experience has enabled us to provide quality work you can trust when installing, replacing, and repairing playgrounds, gyms, field, or any surfacing that can use rubber or turf. Call Pro-Techs Surfacing, LLC today for all your surfacing needs.

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