Why You Need A Professional Playground Flooring Contractor

Poured-in-place surfaces are meant to provide easy-to-maintain and safe flooring so quality design and installation should always matter. So, if you are looking for a trusted and reliable playground flooring contractor, our team at Pro-Techs Surfacing offers exceptional design, quality guaranteed, and poured-in-place surfaces for many facilities and industries. Simply call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote!

Poured-in-place rubber surfaces are one of the most popular types of low-maintenance and offers non-slip feature. Consisting of a flexible rubber texture, these types of surface floors are hard-wearing yet gentle on the skin making it the ideal choice for playgrounds for schools when compared to mulch, concrete, or tar surfaces. For children, the soft textured floor makes for a fun environment that minimizes the chances of sustaining severe scrapes and scratches during activity.

As a leading playground flooring company, we not only provide high quality surface preparation and installation, but we also guarantee the quality of our workmanship. Our experienced team provides the installation of rubberized floors for daycares, parks, schools, churches, hotels, and a wide range of commercial properties that are looking for durable non-slip surfaces. We assist all clients across the United States with poured-in-place and rubberized flooring solutions.

To create the ideal environment for the safety of children, we install high quality playgrounds with beautiful design. As a professional playground equipment supplier, we work with our clients to create fun and safe areas for children to play on. This includes the addition of our unique rubberized surfaces that can be installed outdoors replacing hard surfaces, mulch, or grass that is time-consuming to maintain.

For all your rubberized surface needs, you can give our professional and experienced team a call. We are here to help with guaranteed service standards and floors that are not only durable but provide the ideal environment for playgrounds and even churches. Speak to us and we will provide a detailed quotation for your next customized floor solution.

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