Why You Should Call A PIP Surface Installer When Designing And Building A New Playground

PIP or pour-in-place rubber flooring is currently the top choice for outdoor surfaces on playgrounds. Countless schools, gyms, churches, and daycare facilities rely on these systems to keep their little ones safe. At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we want to share a few surprising benefits that you can enjoy by letting a PIP surface installer design and create surfaces that lie just beneath play structures.

For years, many property owners have opted to lose fill materials for shock absorption. Playgrounds were commonly covered in mulch, sand, or other like materials. These solutions do not provide uniform shock absorption in the same reliable way that a PIP rubber flooring installation will.

There are certain health concerns that automatically come with many loose-fill materials. For instance, uncovered sand can become home to ringworm and countless other fungi. It can also be a veritable breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Worse still, during the weekend and nighttime hours when play areas aren’t being used, sand and mulch can attract stray cats and other wild animals for use as a litter box. In areas in which termites flourish in the natural environment, tanbark and other mulch-based fill materials can lure these destructive pests closer to primary building structures.

In addition to providing uniform shock absorption, pour-in-place rubber is easy to maintain and clean. It does not have to be filtered or routinely replaced like loose fill. It can also be customized for optimum aesthetics and to seamlessly coordinate with other outdoor elements of branded features on the property.

Working with a PIP rubber surfacing contractor is an excellent way to fulfill your duty of care. With a protective rubber surface, you can ensure that children on your property won’t sustain significant harm from relatively minor falls. Those using your playgrounds can confidently enjoy all the obstacles and activities while resting assured that their youngsters will remain safe.

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