Indoor Safety Flooring Installation Can Provide A Wealth Of Benefits

If you own a childcare facility, it’s important to take diligent steps to mitigate risk. After all, the clientele that you cater to is still largely in the formative stages of life. Young children are still developing their balance, coordination, and fine motor control skills. We work with daycares, parks, schools, churches, and other businesses that regularly host or care for children. As top-rated rubber flooring contractors, our rubber surfacing options for indoor or outdoor play area provide optimum traction, shock absorption and are aesthetically pleasing.

Growing children are incredibly prone to trip and fall accidents, slipping and falling, and sustaining other injuries. When you work with Pro-Techs Surfacing, you can have indoor safety flooring installation that helps limit the likelihood of serious accidents. Whether kids are running or walking at high speeds, the likelihood of slipping is minimal on our rubber surface. Using our Perma Play 2-layer rubber surface system flooring reduces your expenditures for slip and fall claims.

While slip-proof and skid-proof materials are excellent for prevention, shock absorption limits the amount of damage sustained if falls ever do occur. This might be a concern if you have a complex play structure in your facility where kids will be frolicking at significant heights. Our rubber flooring provides shock absorption and our specialist can help you select the right rubber depth to meet the critical fall height requirements of your equipment which again will help minimize injuries.

In addition to being safe and highly functional, our products are also incredibly eye-catching. We can incorporate designs in a very broad range of patterns and hues. We additionally offer mixed material options such as smooth rubber surfacing and turf. Also, we can apply graphics to your rubber surface project. This is an effective and visible way to insert your branding information into the design.

Having rubber or turf safety flooring installed is a great way to maintain more of the clients you already have, and to attract new ones. These flooring systems show parents that you’ve gone out of your way to keep their youngsters safe. Do you need a reliable way to mitigate risk at your daycare? If so, call Pro-Techs Surfacing today at 330-576-6058 or utilize our Free Quote web page.

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