March 18th, 2018

Today’s children are faced with more than ever. The insistence of technology, the pressure to grow up faster and a general increase in societal neuroses all contribute to a decreased mental health standard in today’s children. Often, people look to prescribe the problem away, and while that is effective in some cases, it is not always the solution. Sometimes the solution is much simpler. Sometimes the solution is in your very own backyard. The mental health benefits associated with playing…

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March 1st, 2018

Pro-Techs Surfacing might not seem like the likeliest source of advice for parenting, but think about it, we work exclusively with one of the most formative settings for a child- the playground. We have a deep desire to protect and nurture each child’s growing up experiences and with that, we have a few thoughts on some of the most important lessons for adults to impart to their children. However, you’re going to want to have this talk somewhere fun, maybe a playground. Wherever you go,…

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February 11th, 2018

Your personal playground might seem like the center of you and your kids’ recreational worlds, but there are a lot of famous playgrounds out there. Playground play is such a ubiquitous and integral concept in terms of childhood, that it’s bound to show up in plays, movies, books and other media alike. And show up it does. Imagine some of your favorite books from childhood. You can bet that they have at least a scene or two at a playground in there. There are a million examples of playground…

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